Awards & Other Causes

The Founder of this high-level investment and financial planning consultancy, has been awarded the Top Practice Award in their category by a FTSE 100 wealth management company.

This family owned and operated wealth management practice was founded by Darron Childs in 2002.

The Darron Childs Practice have considerable experience advising Individuals, Business Owners and Trustees, in often highly complex financial planning areas, such a Pension Drawdown, Investment Portfolio's and Trust Planning. Over the last few years the Practice has gently expanded, in the process, creating local jobs for local people. The business works exclusively with established clients, and introductions from existing clients, essentially managing investments and providing on-going financial planning advice. The Practice also works with a network of Solicitors and Accountants providing additional support for high level clients.

The Darron Childs Practice are great supporters in the local economy and for charitable events.

In the section below, you can read additional information regarding the most notable awards and other causes supported by the Darron Childs Practice.

Gainsborough Trinity Sponsorship
The Darron Childs Practice is at the heart of the community and supports the Gainsborough Trinity Football Club as lead sponsor for the 3rd year in a row.
Chairman’s Civic Award
The Chairman’s Civic Award was presented to Darron and Thelma Childs in 2016 by the West Lindsey’s Community Awards in recognition of their historical work with The Delvers local history group.
English Heritage Award
The Darron Childs Practice based in Lea, Gainsborough performs its base of operations in The Lindens, the former Dower House at Lea.
Charitable causes during COVID-19
The Darron Childs Practice & Friends over the years have participated and raised thousands of pounds for charitable causes.
Partner Support Staff Accreditations
The support staff (PPS) at the Darron Childs Practice are all accredited and undertake regular continuing professional development (CPD).